Pollen Technology Platform

A blend of inventory management and CX... Starting at the front door.

Become the captain of your own goods from what consumers see to where it's shipped. - Pollen is capable of being securely integrated with any platform for peace of mind.

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The power to control returns - not encourage them

Grant access to anyone in your organization for a fluid process.

Visibility throughout

Easily view where returns are when your customer service is on the phone with a customer.

Confidently Secure


Built for integrations with several patterns available, our partners can pick the best flows to integrate in hours - not days.

Backend Portal

Want to track a specific item or check for feedback? Pollens back end portal provides the powerful insights and reports for all your needs.


Mobile Applications

Our driver-friendly Mobile Apps allow the pick-up workforce to apply precision and speed, navigating demanding consumer timeframes.


Know where your returns are at any time. - Better plan for your returns to manage processing actions.


Pollen's unique algorithm optimizes the workforce allocation and provides the fastest pick-up and delivery services.


Tailor our platform with your unique branding and apply custom procedures for pick-up and processing workflows.

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